Guys and Dolls
Congrats drama/dance/choir gang. You pulled it off! Sorry for the occasional blurry images and if I missed including you. The play is quite overwhelming and the low available light and the speed that you move on the stage are a bad mix. Next time I’ll shout “FREEZE” and everybody stops moving in the stage, ok? Can you do that without skipping a beat?
Note that there are 4 pages to visit, and on each page clicking on an image sends you to a kind of manual slide show. Do you want to save an image? Save an enlarged image by right-clicking and choosing to save or download it. Enjoy!
NEW PHOTOS! I can’t believe I never added the Saturday show photos! I’ve scattered those photos in between the others, so ou’ll notice that sometimes a photo may not be in the right ordered. I just winged it. Also you’ll notice that there are difference how how the actors are dressed from one day to the other.